A Fresh Start

One of the joys of farming is that each season is a fresh start, bringing new challenges and new successes. Until you are in it, you never know how it will go. Farming forces you to be present, to live in the now and depend on the elements. You can plan as much as possible, but it is the day to day that really affects the season.

A year ago, we were experiencing an extreme drought and hot August days. I remember wishing for the cooler fall days and nights, finding relief in afternoon popsicle breaks and always trying to find a body of water to cool off in after work. As I write this, I am sitting on my porch, wrapped up in a blanket, so…how much difference does a year make?

This year we have been experiencing a very mild summer overall. We have had our hot days, but compared to last year, they are few and far between. The norm is rain, partly sunny to cloudy skies, and much cooler temps. To all of us in the fields, this is a wonderful relief from last year. I love nothing more than heading out to harvest with my sweatshirt and hot coffee. But, this fall-like weather does affect our crops. Our tomato plants are bursting with fruit, but I see a lot of green and not the abundant array of vibrant pinks, reds and yellows I am used to in mid August.

This is when I remind myself that this is how farming and nature ground me. Farming makes me wait, sometimes more than I want to. It reminds me that it is not last year, when tomatoes were abundant and ready early, and it is not next year. It is right now. My patience is tested. Being a farmer, I have realized that I only get to control a portion of the work I do and the food I grow. I have accepted, as hard as it may be, that I have to leave the rest up to Mother Nature. I have to stay patient, because that always pays off.

Farming always finds a way to keep me on my toes and surprise me, and that is why I love it! Today we harvested and donated 480 pounds of tomatoes. Here’s to tomato season.

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