A Tumultuous Year

First and foremost, the board thanks everyone who made our year on the farm one of the most productive in our history. Despite some unexpected and challenging issues, we delivered over 440,000 servings of food and grew more than 110,000 pounds.

Just a sampling of our challenges included COVID-19, which forced us to suspend our volunteer program; weather events that destroyed our greenhouses as well as early crops; a drought that taxed our wells; and changing crew and office staff.

And through all of this, we added new recipient partners, delivered to school children (even though they were not in school), hired a new executive director as well as additional farmers to work the fields in the place of our volunteers, and replaced our pavilion building.

Gaining Ground is an inspiration to us all. The number of individuals and families who are food insecure practically doubled in the Boston area this season alone. To turn seeds and dirt into nourishment for our neighbors—and to do it under the most difficult of circumstances—is proof that we can come together and care for each other. 

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