Barn Raising and You

In the spring, we asked our community to help us raise funds to build a barn. New and long-time donors, foundations, and our Board have responded, and a barn is coming.

A dedicated group of our Staff, Board, and consultants, led by Board member Jeff Young, has been working on design and siting all summer. The barn won’t be the proverbial camel, a horse designed by committee, and has taken shape as a highly functional building to serve the various needs of our farm, farmers, and volunteers. We maintained our commitment to making the barn advance all aspects of our mission, enabling volunteers of all abilities to help us grow as much produce as possible for our recipients.

The plan is to erect the post-and-beam frame on December 5, 2015, weather permitting. The interior work will be done over the winter with the goal of having an operational barn by the time volunteers begin work. Led by an experienced builder, we will hold a community barn raising; friends and supporters of Gaining Ground will hoist the barn’s beams and rafters, symbolizing our belief that Gaining Ground can’t do its work without you. We hope many of you will join us.

The Board and the Staff of Gaining Ground deeply appreciate the support you have provided for this important project. To rephrase the mysterious words of the late Yogi Berra, we thank you for making this project a necessity.