Donating Tons, Forty Percent More Than Last Year

“Four years ago we started transitioning to no-till farming methods. Each year we’ve had better yields and this season the beds are exploding. It’s beyond my wildest dreams.”
—Doug Wolcik, Farm Manager, Gaining Ground

July has burst onto the landscape. Our fields are overflowing with colorful, vibrant produce. We are donating tons—literally 2,000 pounds, three days a week. In one June harvest day, we donated just as much as we donated in all of May. Banana boxes, packed with over 20 different vegetables, are stacked on barn tables before being Rubik’s-cubed into SUVs, vans, and trucks that deliver to our fourteen hunger relief partner organizations.

Donations YTD total 23,550 pounds—40% more than last year—with 19,000 pounds of that in June alone. Given humongous heavies like cabbages, cucumbers, and summer squash now in the mix, who would guess that greens and carrots, with a spring head start, are still our largest crops, weighing in at 9,000 pounds. Of course, crops like bok choy, snap peas, garlic scapes, basil, and cilantro carry their own weight when it comes to crunch and aroma.