Finding Purpose

The first time I visited Gaining Ground I was in third grade with a school group. I was really impressed by the selflessness of the farmers: growing so much organic food, to then donate to charity. I had been looking for ways to positively influence those in need, and I decided that this was a great way to do so because I would be able to help others, while working and having fun.

When I got home, I told my family about how much I wanted to go back. My parents researched it and decided upon a date to volunteer. My family loved it as well, so we decided to become regular volunteers. I am now in 7th grade, and our family has volunteered every Thursday this summer and last summer. The more that I came, the better I felt about myself and my purpose. I think that when you reach out to help others, you are also helping to find who you are inside, and that is definitely something that matters to me.

I became so attached to the staff and their common purpose that I had a hard time leaving and going back to school. Knowing that I couldn’t be there to help, I decided to donate some of my money on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. That day is referred to as “Giving Tuesday,” and I wanted to help with the purchase of seeds and farm tools.

I still remember the look of delight on the face of the person who accepted my donation. I felt like I was receiving more than I had just given. It was an amazing feeling, and this is why I keep coming back.