Full of Possibility

Spring at Gaining Ground reminds me of the beginning of Richard Wilbur’s poem “Seed Leaves:”

Here something stubborn comes
Dislodging the earth crumbs
And making crusty rubble
It comes up bending double
And looks like a green staple.
It could be seedling maple,
Or artichoke, or bean
That remains to be seen.

Spring at the farm is full of possibility. Last year in early spring, possibility was buried under three feet of snow. Now, green is rising all over the farm.

Seedlings are sprouting in the greenhouse—onions, leeks, tomatoes, peppers. By farmer design, the seedlings are rising uniformly, increasing their chance of maturing into productive plants. Turnips and radishes have pushed up ground in our high tunnel and were ready for distribution to our recipients in April. Winter cover crops, vetch and buckwheat, the green manure, are ready to be turned under.

Remarkably, our farmers recently harvested greens planted last fall. In March, they delivered bushels of spinach to Open Table in Concord—our earliest produce ever. Our farmers’ ingenuity now results in food in the hands of our recipients 10 months out of the year.

And then there’s the big green-roofed barn fully risen. Many of you helped us raise the frame in December, and the barn was ready for full use this May. It will yield, we expect, more produce, more engaged volunteers, and possibilities that remain to be seen.

Please join us at the barn and in the fields this season.

We are currently launching our spring appeal, so please consider making a donation. Your gift will truly make a difference to those who rely on emergency food programs. Making an online donation is simple!