Gratitude for Shared Effort and Shared Growth

David Outerbridge on the farm

After more than 15 years of dedicated service, last year David Outerbridge stepped down from his volunteering in support of Gaining Ground. 

David—who turned his retirement into a period of keen effort caring for the land and structures on the farm—was a regular and beloved presence among the farmers and volunteers. Last summer, as he concluded his service, David shared with us the following:

“It’s a funny thing about Gaining Ground, it gets into your blood, becomes part of your identity. When asked what I’m doing, I say I’m working at a farm in Concord, even though I’ve never planted a seed, pulled a weed, or harvested a vegetable. Yet for the past several years I have felt that I have been part of a community. You have given me friendship, a sense of purpose by being part of an important shared endeavor, and work, which for someone my age is a very good thing. So it is I who owe you a debt of gratitude, something I have felt every day I have been here.”

David has always been a problem-solver and his support helped to ensure the farmers could dedicate themselves fully to growing the highest quality produce for our hunger-relief efforts. We are forever grateful for the time, effort, and kindness he shared with us.