My Volunteer Experience

I’m a 21-year-old college student, and I’ve been volunteering at Gaining Ground since last spring. I heard about this beautiful farm from a family friend who used to be on the board. The first time I made the 40-minute drive from Boston to Concord, I brought along my three roommates and we planted butternut squash (my favorite fall vegetable!). The drive out was refreshing, and we were thrilled to have a morning free of city commotion. Then we entered a space of potent soil, pink worms, and friendly faces.

I study Environmental Studies at Northeastern University, which is the best alternative I could find in the absence of an agriculture program. I love volunteering because the farmers act as supplemental teachers who answer my questions—from understanding the way compost works to the benefits of no-till practices. I come back time and again because it is an energizing way to start my Saturday mornings, a place to bring curious friends, and it is unbelievably satisfying work. I know that each time I go, I’m helping to create more resilient land and feed my nearby communities. It is a wholesome and rewarding experience which I’m so thankful to be a part of.