Read for Seeds Bridges the Gap

For over twenty years, students from many local schools have helped fight hunger by participating in our Read for Seeds program. This unique program links fundraising, education, and community action. Led by Pam Goar, long-time board member, Read for Seeds pays for almost 70% of the seeds needed to grow 60 different vegetables annually.

This program is a long-time favorite because of its simplicity and effectiveness. After a member from the Gaining Ground community visits elementary school students in their classrooms, the children learn how to raise money by asking for pledges based on the number of pages read over a two-week period. Students then collect the money, which goes directly toward the purchase of organic seeds for the farm.

This year the 200 students who participated in Read for Seeds also visited the farm. They were able to see how their donations were being used and learn more about Gaining Ground’s mission.

Since its inception, Read for Seeds has raised over $100,000 in support of hunger relief. According to Pam, “This program allows students to learn about organic farming and gain an awareness of food insecurity. It bridges the gap between education and volunteering within their community, which is why it has been a success for so many years.”

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