Seeding a Partnership with Potatoes

This summer Executive Director Amy Capofreddi toured Haley House Bakery Cafe with Executive Director Bing Broderick. One topic led to another and soon they were talking potatoes.

On Saturday, August 11 at 5 pm, Haley House is hosting its 6th Annual Outdoor Community Tables Dinner. The outdoor pay-what-you-can feast features a delicious, made-from-scratch buffet dinner with plenty of vegetarian options. This street gathering is a larger version of Haley House’s ongoing Saturday night Community Tables where “everyone deserves a seat at the table and everyone has a story to tell.”

Much of the dinner will use produce sourced and donated by local farms, including Haley House’s own Thornton Urban Farm in Highland Park (Roxbury). The meal will be prepared by Haley House Bakery Café chefs with the help of volunteers.

This is where potatoes come in. Gaining Ground has donated one hundred pounds of organic potatoes for the outdoor dinner. Haley House farmer Anna picked them up and toured our farm. In the future, perhaps volunteers in the Haley House garden and kitchen will also join us in our fields to share common ground around food and farming. Hopefully, these potatoes will seed a longer term partnership.