Sunday Morning Meditations

I love visiting the farm during off hours. Stepping onto the land, I feel peace. I see the farm in an alternate light. I have this moment of clarity, this realization that this is where I get to spend every day. I observe the work that took place during the week and all that was accomplished. I notice how things have changed, even in just one day. I notice how the first peas have grown, how the flowers have bloomed, the bright red that is taking over the strawberry patch, the size of the cucumbers, and of course some of the work that will take place in the coming weeks.

I walk around the farm and witness the beauty of each field and each plant. I tend to the plants the same way I do during the week, but on these days it is different. It is just me on the farm—me and the plants. I water the plants that are hardening off, and I tend to the babies in the greenhouse, slowly and steadily growing, and then I find myself in the flower garden. I am in awe of the various colors and textures. I quietly walk through each bed, picking flowers to ensure their growth through the season. I gather a bucket and start creating with the flowers just picked.

Farming is never just farming, and for me in these moments, it is an art and meditation.