Gaining Ground offers us an outlet that exercises our minds, bodies, and souls. Meditation is largely inaccessible to our restless young minds. Over the years we’ve sought methods of clearing our heads like yoga and hiking, but nothing seems to do the trick like weeding for two hours. The satisfaction of clearing a patch of ground to make way for an eggplant is cleansing. That being said, what really drives our farming passion is the knowledge that what we are doing is pure good for ourselves and others.

Our group shares a deep-seated desire to do good for others and the Earth. We all have drastically different life goals, ranging from going into politics to building boats in rural Maine, but the five of us all come back to wanting to make the world a better place. Gaining Ground provides opportunity for us to do just that. Taking time from our packed lives to do something simple and kind is the most effective way to slow down and take a moment to appreciate life as it is.

[S] “I like my toes in the dirt.” —Sophia

[H] “@$%! I’ll get all the potato bugs!!” —Hanita

[A] “A FROG A FRIEND” —Anupama

[R] “Can I donate my own veggies here?” —Rowen

[K] *grins at flowers* —Kayla

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