Thank You to Our 2021 Supporters!

The board and staff would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who gave generously and shared their time and talents with Gaining Ground last season. Special thanks go to:

Belmont Day School, Thoreau Elementary School, Tenacre Country Day School, Bancroft Elementary School, R.J. Fisher Middle School, and all of the individual students who participated in our 2021 virtual Read for Seeds campaign. They raised $10,300 toward Gaining Ground’s annual seed budget.

Jerry Vanasse for careful maintenance of the buildings and land.

Tony Rinaldo for his beautiful photographs of the farm and our staff.

Mark Mildrum for chopping firewood to support our 2022 maple sugaring operation.

Ben Kelchlin for countless hours of barn-, tool- and vehicle-maintenance work, for lending his chainsaw and chopping firewood, and for several donations of office supplies.

Jennifer Saxe, Ginny Churchill, Carolyn Morris, and the Concord and Wellesley chapters of the National Charity League, for coordinating volunteers to help with our produce deliveries, flower arranging, and produce bagging in 2021.

Noah Solomon and Whole Foods Bedford for donating 5,400 paper bags and other packaging supplies for our 2021 produce distributions. 

Marianne Nelson and the Concord Housing Authority for hosting our Food for Families produce distributions at Everett Gardens, and Bonny Wilbur, Lauren Barretta, and Linda Cavallo-Murphy

for their assistance with the Food for Families program.

Boston Area Gleaners, Open Table, and the Watertown Food Pantry for donations of reusable banana boxes for our produce distributions.

Steve Huberman for repairing our grape arbor and seedling tables.

David Outerbridge and Joe Rigali for fence-line maintenance and brush mowing.

David Salomón Saléh for his careful tending of the farm’s bee colonies.

Ben Cacace, Jerry Mead, Kelly Colvin-Hill, and Palmer Tree Services for donating firewood to fuel our maple sugaring program.

All 2021 Ride for Food and Off the Beaten Path participants, as well as the many donors who supported this fun event.

Leslie Zales of Project Giving Kids and Shannon Mutty of Boston Cares for their support of our volunteering opportunities.

Scott Kirker and Sean Walther for technical assistance and I.T. support.

Elif Tosun, Allison Aley, Polly Vanasse, Poulod Borojerdi, Hans Heilman, Christine Lundblad, Barb Sommers, Rebecca Snyder, Vivian Howell, Ana Keilson, Sarah Lichtman, Susan Chormann, and Richard Fishman for their extra harvest assistance during the 2021 growing season.

Numerous community members who volunteered their time and vehicles to transport boxes of produce to our hunger-relief partners. In particular, the extraordinary and steadfast Jeanne Tiedemann.

Pam Goar and Shilpi Desai for their help during Concord Ag Day 2021.

Sarah Dery for data entry assistance. 

Another Level Landscaping Company for leaf donations and discounted arborist work, and Marquis Tree Service for in-kind tree removal labor.

The Concord Free Public Library and Concord Lumber for supporting our inaugural Poetry Walk.  

We are deeply grateful to the following individuals and organizations who generously contributed financial support to Gaining Ground during the past year. Our sincerest thanks!

2021 Individual Supporters

Jeff and Andrea Adams

Judith Adams

Karen Ahearn

Ijaz Ahmed

Leigh Alberti

Allison and Tom Aley

Holly Ameden

Kenneth Anderson and Lynda Anderson

Amy Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Janet Anderson

Ray Andrews


Michael Ansara and Barney Arnold

Jill Appel and Marc Silver

Jennifer and Kishore Aradhya

Dylan Armajani and Stephanie Sguigna

Robert and Sue Armstrong

Alison Arnold and Peter Baty

Albert Arthur

Chris Arthur

Steve Atlas and Robin Wilkerson

Marisa Aubin

Penny and Christopher Austen

Louise Axon

Sally Ayres

Donna and Robert Babchuck

Janet Bailey

Clare Bannon

Michael Barrett

Francisca Barros and Ramón Salinas

William and Susanna Barton

Yana Barton

Grace Batycky

Steven and Ann Bauer

Christopher and Keri Baugh

Edie Baxter and Jacque Smith

Ted Bayne and Lea Delacour

Karla Bays

John and Molly Beard

Michael Bearse

Thomas Beauvais

Edana Beck

Henry and Jeannie Becton

Marguerite Beiser

Brad Bennett and Barbara Schwartz

Ray and Janet Benvenuti

Lisa Berland

John and Jen Beveridge

Lyle Bibler

Jared Bibler

Gail Black Smith

Samuel Blackburn

Elizabeth Blackburn-Gruver

Jennifer Blecher

Morene Bodner and David Carlisle

Matthew Boehner

Tomas Bok

Durgaram Bollareddy

Andy Bonzagni and Melissa Winstanley 

Robert Boose

Cynthia and Jeffrey Bouvier

Alisha and Edward Boyajian

Hanna Boyle

Marilyn and John Brady

Patricia Brady

Tye and Christa Brady

Diana Brainard

Heinke and Samuel Brendler

Susan Brengle

Gail Breslow

Pamela Bridges

Richard and Margaret Briggs, Jr.

Kathie Brobeck

Andrew Brockway

Dianne and Bob Brooks

Bonnie Brooks

Eric Brooks

Eric Brown

Alex Brown

Lin Brown

Douglas Brown

Elise Browne

Lisa Brukilacchio

Malcolm and Beverley Bryant

Emily Buchholtz

Bryn Buck

Brian Burt

Anthony Butler

Benjamin Cacace

Megan Cadman

Cecilia Calhoun

Peter and Pam Callahan

Nina Callahan

John and Debra Canally

Amy Capman and Mian Bashir

Matthew and Amy Capofreddi

Peter and Janice Capofreddi

Kristin Carcio

Andrew Carlson

Casey Carlson and William Stone

Andrea Carreira

Doug Carson

Elizabeth C. Case

Anne Cater

Sudeep and Vijaya Chandra

Pau Chandran-Moles

Bronwyn Charette

Rick and Maureen Charette

Meredith Chicklis

Wilmon Chipman

Gerald Cianciolo and Kathleen Brennan

Tom and Rachel Claflin

Mary Cleaver

Gloria and Chuck Clough

Diana and John Clymer

Charles Cocchiaro

Mark and Theresa Cohen

Russ Cohen

Deb Colgan

Christa and Jeffrey Collins

Donald and Carol Collins

George and Ann Colony

Robert Comer and Inge Knudson

Kristin and George Conant

John Conley and Elizabeth Awalt

Alston Conley

Jennifer Conlon

Rebecca Connolly

Molly Constable

Lisa Corrin

Felice and Leland Cott

Robert Coughlin

Sheila Coughlin

Andrea Coviello

Holly and John Cratsley

Lynn Creamer

Anne Crockett

Molly Cross

Liz Crowell and Cheryl Flynn

Di and Jim Cullen

Fran and Jean Cummings

James Curran and Yolanda Rigali

Laurie Curran

Michael and Aiyana Currie

Denise Daigle

Laura and Jim Davidian

Maria Davila

M.E. Davis, Jr. and Jacqueline Davis

Maria Paz de Castro

Angelo and Lillian DeBenedictis

Brett and Karen DeBlonk

Katherine DeFrank

Laura and Robert DeGroot

Daniel and Julia Del Sobral

Raphael DeLima

Katie Delisle

Hilary Detmold

Chip and Debbie Dewing

Elaine DiCicco

Cathy Dittemore

Peter Dixon and Terry Yanulavich

Sara Dodd

Kathleen Dollard

Roy Donnelly

Jacqueline Dow

Cherrie Dubois

Darcy Duke and Ryan Evans

Eden Dunckel

Katherine Early

Alexander and Jean Easterday

Molly and Jeff Eberle

Sally Edwards and Sally Thompson

Elisabeth Elden

Christian Elliot

Julia and Ben Elliott

Cynthia Ellis and Hany Teylouni

Julie and Jonathan Elmhurst

Wendy Elverson

David Ely

Nancy Ely-Raphel

Laurie Engdahl

Susan Epting

Max Eringros

Veronica Erston

Tom and Vicki Evarts

Raphael and Sonia Exartier

Ravi Faiia

Amy Farber

Brianna Faubert

Patricia Feehery

Charles and Katherine Feininger

Frank Feist and Sarah Gates

Kenneth Feit

Nancy and Peter Fell

Iris Fennell

John and Joan Ferguson

Lisa and Patrick Ferolito

Lynda Ferrari

Mary Ferrell

Matthew and Judith Fichtenbaum

Heidi Fick

Marjie Findlay and Geoff Freeman

Frederick Findlay

Maureen Fischer

Kenneth and Shukti Fischl

Stona and Ann Fitch

Barbara Flight

Burton and Jennifer Flint

Carrie Flood

Bob and Sheila Flory

Kathryn and John Flynn

Caitlin Forni

Judith Laurie Foster and Edward Goggin

Charlotte Foster

Lannie Foster

Marita Fowler Johnson and Marcus Johnson

Piper Fowler Sheer

Debra Ellen Fox

Gerry Frank

Laurence and Helen Frey

Christopher and Melissa Frost

Nina Frusztajer

Pete Funkhouser and Kate Stout

Chris Gamble

Ignacio and Rosamaria Garcia

Karen Garlock

Sophia Garmey

Curtis and Natalie Gekle

Jodi Gernon

Robert Gewecke

Cyrus and Joanne Gibson

Janet Gibson

Karen Gibson

Philip and Lara Gibson

Edward and Susan Gillick

Deborah Gilmore

Pete and Cathi Gilmore

Belinda and Paul Gingrich

Christopher Gittins

Laurie and Terry Gleason

Donna Glick

Pam and Dudley Goar

David Godolphin and Jill Sandeen

Andrew and Pat Goldstein

Jean-Francois and Monique Goldstyn

Lynn and Alexis Goltra

Randall Goodman

Jeffrey Goodrich

Allison and Eliot Goodwin

Shuba Gopal and Sridhar Sadasivan

Doug and Carolyn Gouchoe

Virginia and Brian Gourlie

Diane Grace

John Graham and Kerry Munro

Susan and Paul Graseck

Rob Graves

John Greco

Amanda Greco

Kerin Deedy Green and Charles Green

Michael Greenberg

Jessica and Jonathan Grogins

Ann and Bob Gross

Phillip and Elizabeth Gross

Deborah Grover

Matthew and Shelley Growney

Betsy and Donald Grybko

Priscilla and Patrick Guiney

Swapna Gujju

Eleanore Hadfield

Terry and Judy Hadley

Gina Hahn

Jerome Haines

Susan Halby

Martha Hamilton

Joan Hammer

Lauren Harder and Jason Kass

Vaughn and Heidi Harring

Romola Harrington

Susan Harriott

Georgianna and Andrew Harris

Jennifer and Chris Hart

Quentin and Jessica Hart

Janet Hart

Jessica Hartmann

Thomas and Emily Haslett

Mary and Hans Hass

Carla Hawryluk

Anne Hayden and Ivan Burns

John and Barbara Hebert

Satyajit Heeralal

Hans Heilman

Carlene Hempel

Larry Herlacher

Connie and Barry Hershey

Nancy Heselton and Jeff Clements

John Hickling and Paula Hobson

Sam and Jackie Hiersteiner

Betsy Higgins

Sarah Hindle

Alice Hirson-Elliott

Roland and Sarah Hoch

Mary Hocken

Jennifer Hoenig

Lynn and Don Hoenig

David Holdorf and Kathy Dwyer

Geoff and Katherine Hollywood

Melissa Homer

Diane and Marc Homer

Vivian Hood

Holiday and Philip Houck

Margaret Howard

Vivian Howell

Barbara Howland

Jenny Huang

Andrea and Brad Hubbard-Nelson

Hans Huber

Steve Huberman and Giovanna Dinicola

Jessica Huddy

Jeanette Hughes and Peter Speranza

Heidi Hughey

Carl Hultin

Susan Hunt

Johanna Hunter

Wendy Hunter

Jean Husson

Stacey Ihnat

Lynn Indermaur

Amy Itzkovitz

Jennifer Jackson

Mike and Dorothy Jacobs

Tom and Christine Jacobs

Mark and Charleen Janian

Richard and Leslie Jarbeau

Geoffrey Jarbeau

Mark and Deborah Jennings

P.J. and Ruth Jewell 

Qi Jin

Stephan Joanides

Shannon Johns

Rick and Louise Johnson

Doug and Jennifer Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

Mary Ann Johnson

Stephen Johnson

Arnold Johnson

Doug and Jennifer Johnson

Susan Johnson

Stuart and Catherine Johnstone

Grace Johnstone, DC

George and Mary-Beth Jones

Gwyndaf Jones

Yumi Jones

Peter Jones

Jean Jones

AJ and Urvashi Joshi

Jesse Jurman

Rachel Juzapavicus

Grace and John Kam

Robert Kamen and Trudi Veldman

Neal and Vicky Kass

Cynthia Katz and Dan Stapleton

David and Harriet Kaufman

Ryan Kauppila

Anna and Benjamin Kelchlin

Anna and Jay Keller

Peter Keller

Beverly and Peter Kelley

Kathleen Kelly

Steven Kelman and Shelley Metzenbaum

Robert Kennedy

Leah Kenney

Deborah Kenny

Nancy-Jo and John Kessler

Narayan and Natasha Khandekar

Vivian T. Kim

Matt Kishlansky

David Klein

Michael Klinger

Lauren and David Kopans

Diana Korzenik

David Kowalski

Celeste and Robert Kozlowski

Claire and Charles Kozower

Robert and Rachel Kramer

Keith Krompinger

Paula Krompinger

Virginia Krompinger

Dorota Krzyszton

Vinod Kunar

Beth Kundert

Richard Kuzsma

Ronald and Carolyn Kwon

Elaine Labreque

Kaitlyn Lambert

Cynthia LaMothe

Mary Pat Lancelotta

Michelle and Peter Lando

Caroline and John Langan

Lou and Rajani Larocca

Linda and Mark Lauritano

Maurice Leavitt

Beth Lee

Sang-Jeong Lee-Min

Sarah Legge

Bill and Alice Lehmann

Danielle Lemack

Judith Lennox

Stephen Lentine

Andrew and Margaret Lewis

George Lewis

Ziran Li

Susanna Librandi

Krista Licata

Kurt and Treacy Liebich

Jane Lifton

Jennifer Lin

Nadine and Michael Lin

Maureen Lin

Richard Linck

Andrew List and Sarah Hilgendorff

Steve and Sherry Litwack

Mia Liu and Hui Zou

Teddy Lorusso

Maria Loughlin

Sarah Lovely

Harry Lowd and Jessica Leete

Jay and Carolynn Luby

Melissa Ludtke

Christine Lundblad and Alan Basmajian

William Lynch

Lionel and Vicky Lyon

Talbot and Catherine Mack

Robert and Julie MacLean

Karen and Robert Maguire

Gregory Maguire and Andy Newman

Meghan Maloney-Perez

John and Cheryl Mandler

Paula Mansfield

Anne Marie Silver

Judy and Ken Marriner

Lawrence Masland and Pamela Talbot

James Mastrangelo

Bonnie Matross

David and Angela Matthews

Allison May

David Mayer and Fawn Hardison

Mike Mayo and Tina Feingold

Karen McCarthy and Eric-Jan Schmidt

James and Caroline McCloy

Michael and Carol McCreary

Tara McDonald

Maureen McDowell

Peggy McFarland

Thomas and Janice McFarland

Paul McGinn

Joshua and Jen McGrath

Gregor and Sharon McGregor

Kathy and Jim McHugh

Lauren McKown

Barbara Melnick

David and Jamie Meredith

Andrea and David Meyers

Julie Michals

Linda Milano

Mark and Sue Mildrum

Janet Miller

Ellen G. Miller

Alison Miller Shnidman

Wendy Millette

Sara Mirsky

Robert and Sarah Mitchell, Jr.

Wylie Mitchell

Maritere Mix

Gregory and Nicole Moore

Jeanne Moore

Kate Moran

Dennis and Beth Morgan

Cynthia Mork

Robert Morris and Kathy Hughes-Morris

Sean Morris

Catherine Morris

Robert and Elizabeth Morrison

Henry and Emily Moss

Webster and MaryAlice Mudge

Allyson Muller

Laura Mullins

John Muresianu and Patti Satterthwaite

Caroline Myler

Barbara Nash and Patrick Flynn

Josephine Nason

Rajesh Nayak

Catherine Neijstrom

Judy Neilson

Gretchen Nelson

Katie Nelson

Rachel Neuwirth

Jeff Newton

Katherine  Newton

Sara Niemeyer

Barbara Nims

Maarten and Tinie Noordzij

Amy and L. Bouke Noordzij

Lawrence O’Brien

Kathleen O’Hara

John and Carol O’Neil

Lynne O’Neill

Megan O’Neill

John-Michael O’Neill

Judie and Peter Ochsner

Lawrie Okurowski

Carla Olson

Susan Oman and Michael Decker

Deborah Oppenheimer and Clifford Romash

Christopher Osgood

David Outerbridge 

Maurya Overall

Curtis Owen

Kent Owen

Lynne Owen

Rob Owen

Tim Owen

Brett Pacific

Whitfield and Linda Painter, Jr.

Chris and Deedo Painter

Leslie Paisner

Liz Paley

Marisa Paliotti

Hannah Parker

Alison Parker

Julia Parker

Catherine Parmelee

Allen Parmelee

Charles and Hilda Parrott

Harish Parwani

Richard Pasley

F. Colin Pease and Pati Pease

Hannah Peil

Richard and Wendy Penley

Gail Penrod

Amanda and Jeff Peppercorn

Mark and Margaret Peppercorn

Bill Perkins and Karen Bechtel Perkins

Judith Perkins

Amanda Perrone

Melissa Perry

Ashley Perssico

Cathy Perssico

Michael Perssico

Paula Perssico

Mary Petersen-Unger

John and Marie-Louise Petrie

Vivian Phelan

Yvette Philip

Coleen Phillimore

Charles and Evin Phillips

Gisela Pikarsky

Tom Pizza

Angie Pizzolato

Melissa Pollard

Eugene Kalb and Linda Pollitz

Faye Poon

Janet Porter

Christopher Post

Rebecca Price

Cassandra Price

David Prudente

Karen Pucci

Qi Qi

Anupama Raman

Robert and Marcia Rasmussen

Colleen and Bryan Ratcliffe

Manon Raux-Moriwaki

Colleen Rawlings

Frederick Weiss and Margaret Read Weiss

Shawn and Eck Redmond

Julia Reichheld

Conan and Kathleen Reidy

Katherine Reppert

Alison Reynolds

Kevin and Carol Richards

Emily Richardson

Joel and Barbara Richmon

Kristie and Mark Ridick

Erik Rieth

Joseph Rigali and Tracy Winn

Jane Risser

Kathryn Robertson Mitchell

A. Gregory Rocco

Ileana Rodriguez

Ted and Gloria Roe

Sig Roos and Ruth Rohde

Elizabeth Roosa

Toby Smith Ropeik

Brian and Lucy Rosborough

Norman and Marjorie Rosenbaum

Michael and Naomi Rosenfeld

Deborah Rosson

Kathryn and Terry Rothermel

Janet Rothrock and David Lebling

Jennifer and Justin Routhier

Ethan and Francine Royce

Susan Rudd

Susannah Rudel

Maureen and Michael Ruettgers

Guillermo Ruiz-Rico

William and Holly Russell

Mimi and Tom Rutledge

Ben Ryterband

Tom Sadtler and Jane Wells

Cem and Erica Sahin

Louis and Holly Salemy

Amy Saltonstall

George West Saltonstall and Victoria Saltonstall

Angela Saltonstall

Robert Salvin

Patricia Sampson-Weiler and John Weiler

Sally Sanford and Lowell S. Smith

Barbara Santosuosso

Ernest and Carol Sarason, Jr.

Bill and Toni Sawyer

Michael Schelzi

Paul and Jessica Schendel

Stephen and Marcia Schloss

Nicholas Schmid and Beverly Halliday

Michael and Sally Schnitzer

Natalie Schubert

Margaret Schumacher

Daniella Schutzengel

Sunny Schwartz

Corey Sciuto

Scott and Shelley Seidman

Pamela Senese

Joseph Sestrich

Anil and Hina Shah

Ramika Shah

Douglas and Ann Sharpe

Daniel Sheff

Ken Shenkman

Glen Sherman

Sue and Joel Sherman

Carolyn and Dick Shohet

Debbie Shows

Kimberly Siebert

Joanne Silverman

Andy Silverman and Molly Paul

Anna Simmons

Adam and Amy Simon

Bob and Lynda Simonton

Karl Sims

Alice Slaymaker

Angela and Dana Smith

Jonathan Smith and Karen Jourdenais

Elizabeth Smith

Thomas Smith

Laura and Matthew Smith

Stanton Smith and Raveen Basran

Tabitha Solomon

Barbara Sommers

Brian Sommers

Edward Sonn

Lisa Soo Hoo

Giulia Sorcini

Barbara Spiegelman

Jane Strange

Marlies Starbird

Eric and Carolyn Stein

John Stevens and Virginia McIntyre

Brooks Stevens

David and Jennifer Stine

Charles and Molly Stone

Jessica Straus and David Berson

Jane Strauss

Heidi Streeter

Jonathon Streker

Yumi Suarez

Paul Sullivan

John and Liane Sulivan

Chia Chi Sun

Philip and Roseanne Swain

Jeffrey Swanberg

D. Lisle and Amy Swanson

Heather and Thayer Swartwood

J. Frederic and Pamela Sway

Stephen Swidrak

Jon and Suzy Symons

James Tabner, Esq

Elizabeth Tappan-deFrees

Kenneth and Wendy Taubes

Hillary Taylor

Larry and Lisa Teitelbaum

Amy Frankel Tenenbaum

Jim and Judy Terry

Val and Harvey Thayer

Julia Thompson and Simon Kozin

Robin and Bina Thompson

John and Cathleen Tilney

Stephanie Tilton

Frank Tino

Michele Tivnan

Steve Tobin and Nancy Hartle

Gail and Jerry Tobin

Elif Tosun

Susan Toth

Kathleen Trejo

Marcia Trook

Courtney Tucker

Michael Tunnicliffe

Jennifer Ubaldino

Bill and Anne Umphrey

Janet and Henry Vaillant

Kristen Van Damm

Eric and Laurie Van Loon

Polly and Jerry Vanasse

Philip and Mary-Wren vanderWilden

Lisa Vernegaard

Gary Vilchick

Amy and Pierre Villeneuve

Susan and Amir Viskin

Patricia Vitt

Todd Wakefield

Judith Walker

Karen Walker Beecher

Judith Walpole

Marie Walsh

Susan Walsh

Michele Walters

Gail Walton

Keith Wang and Katherine Sayn-Wittgenstein

Richard and Nancy Warren

Steve Waste

Alex Waszczuk

Peter and Fan Watkinson

Peter Watson

Sandra Waxman

Robert Webber

Sven and Claudia Weber

Sherry Weiland

Bruce Weinstock and Lisa Kempler

Virginia Welles and Dwight Gertz

Matt and Jennie Werner

Joseph Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler and Tom Willits

Timothy and Marie-Claire Wheeler

Lisanne Wheeler and Fred Weaver

Todd and Kim Whittemore

Verena Wieloch

Louisa Wilking

William and Sally Williams

Jenna Williams

Elizabeth Winn

Lissa and Carter Winstanley

Leslie Wittman

Russell Wolf and Martha Gilpatrick

Wendy Wong

Pamela Woo

John and Beverly Woodward

Alexandra Wright

Jennifer Wynn and Paul Thompson

Christopher and Debra Wysopal

Emmalyn Yamrick

Stanley Yarbro and Daphne Mowatt

Rob and Jill Yates

Aspen and Zach Yordy

Jeff Young

Stuart Young

Chris Youngclaus

Thomas Zaldumbide

Shanying Zhang

Peng Zhou

Melanie Ziegler

Susanne Zimmerman

Xinghua Zollinger

Pavel Zverev and Victoria Zvereva

2021 Organizational Supporters

AbbVie Pharmaceutical Research

Accessible Gardens


Analog Devices Foundation

Arbella Insurance Group

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Bedford Community Pantry/Table

Bose Corporation

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

Bud Ackerman Fund

Cabot Family Charitable Trust

Citizens Charitable Foundation

Clif Bar Family Foundation

Combined Jewish Philanthropies

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Concord Lumber Corporation

Concord-Carlisle Community Chest

Cummings Foundation

Dell Technologies

Emerson Hospital

Faith and William Pautler Family Foundation

First Parish in Concord

Friends of Cameron Senior Center

Greater Lowell Community Foundation

Green Leaf Foundation

Hannaford Bags 4 My Cause Program

Horne Family Charitable Foundation Inc.

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

John Snow Inc.

Kitchen Outfitters

Koch Family Foundation Inc.

Kristi Kienholz

Lister Digital Services, Inc.

Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation, Inc.

Lydia B. Stokes Foundation

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Maynard Community Chest

Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation

Nash Family Foundation

National Advisors Trust

National Charity League Middlesex Chapter

Nellie Leaman Taft Charitable


New England Deaconess Association

Norian/Siani Engineering, Inc.

NorthBridge Insurance Agency


Rimol Greenhouse Systems, Inc.

S&P Global


Seeds & Weeds Garden Club of Concord

Sharpe Family Foundation

Stita Tours / Pathfinders

Stop & Shop Community Bag Program

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

TD Bank Group

Temple Beth Elohim

Tenacre Country Day School

The Amelia Foundation

The Boston Foundation

The Charles Engelhard Foundation

The Doe Family Foundation

The FOR Project LLC

The Garden Club of Concord

The GE Foundation

The Gilson Family Foundation

The Kane Wallace Foundation

The Sudbury Foundation

Three Squares New England, Inc

Trinitarian Congregational Church

Trinity Episcopal Church

United Way of Acton Boxborough Inc.

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

Waters Corporation Workplace Giving Program

Welch Foods, Inc.

West Concord Union Church

Winning Home Inc.

Zachary and Lindsey Gund Foundation

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