Volunteering as a Patagonia Intern

Thanks to the support of Patagonia Boston and a Patagonia Enviro Internship grant, I am  grateful to be volunteering with the farm staff at Gaining Ground for four weeks this summer. My field reports for the Patagonia office joyfully list all of the insects, animals, and birds I have met in the fields. Everywhere I turn I see signs of ecosystem health. So many toads hopping around are exciting indeed. It feels grounding to be working in the field with so much nature.

As a way to focus on the “Enviro” part of the internship, I have been learning about no-till farming and have become an advocate. The raised beds are so fluffy and planting in them is wonderful. I try to imagine the roots of the plants, the mycelium branching, and the worms slithering free. With Doug Wolcik’s help, I took a closer look at one of the side hedgerows and the perennial polyculture plants that provide winter habitat for beneficial insects. Just another interesting part of a very special whole.

Farming with the Gaining Ground community here has been fun and inspiring. It is fascinating how the farming fantastic happens when so many people lend a hand.

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