Welcome New Board Talent

This year Gaining Ground welcomed two talented, hard-working individuals to our Board: Theresa Cohen and Elisabeth Elden.

Believing that everyone is entitled to clean, nutritious food, Theresa Cohen is delighted to join the Gaining Ground board. Trained as a civil engineer, she has worked for an environmental consulting business, built a recycling business with her husband Mark, worked on the Concord Landfill task force, served on the boards of Concord Municipal Light Plant, Thoreau Farm Trust and National Charity League, and held school volunteer positions while raising three children. Organic farming has captured her full attention the last five years as It embodies respect for the natural world and human nutrition and sustenance.

Elisabeth Elden learned about Gaining Ground last year when President Joe Rigali asked her to join the Barn Committee. Her past experience in construction and recent service on the Concord Planning Board made for a strong match with her interests and skills. The momentous day the barn was raised, she decided to join the board. Currently a realtor with The Attias Group, Elisabeth has lived in Concord almost 20 years. She was a founding member of the East Quarter Farms community garden, and has always enjoyed growing her own food. Being a part of Gaining Ground provides her with the opportunity make a bigger contribution to growing food for others.