Oct 2018 eNews

The Progress and Power of Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground drew me to Concord. For 20 years, I brought my students from Nashoba Brooks School to volunteer in the garden and consequently viewed the program through a seventh-grade lens. Some responded to the sheer physicality of the work, some marveled (or screamed) at worms in the soil, some became passionately enraged about childhood […]

I Watch the Work of 5,000 Hands

I watch the work of five thousand hands. Here’s a thanks to the volunteers at Gaining Ground, the veterans and new ones, the seen and unseen. All their work translates to pounds of greens, melons, roots, red fruits and joy. Here come a dozen children full of wonder, singing, pulling carrots and shrieking at spiders. […]

Report on September Direct Markets

We had another amazing market at the Phoenix Avenue site. Since moving indoors from the playground space, we have served so many more families. We had over 50 individuals and families visit with lots of enthusiasm. Teachers, bus drivers, staff, parents, and children participated. I had recipes for leeks and kale from Just Food, and folks were […]

Widening the Circle with Ride for Food

On a beautiful fall morning, more than 350 bikers from all over eastern Massachusetts arrived at Nobles and Greenough School to fight hunger by participating in the Three Squares New England Ride for Food. Started in 2012, this 10- to 50-mile cycling event has raised more than $1.6 million for the benefit of its 18 […]

What We’re Reading

A panelist at Gaining Ground’s Hunger Relief from the Ground Up event in March, Danielle Nierenberg recently edited Nourished Planet: Sustainability in the Global Food System by the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation. The issues that Gaining Ground confronts locally are addressed globally. “Access to food is one of the first and most […]

For the Love of Bees

I have always wanted to work with animals, but growing up in a crowded city like Bogotá, Colombia, there was a large gap between what I learned in school and the knowledge of the world of animals that I was seeking. In 2010, I became captivated by honeybees, with their mystical world and important connection to our food systems. This early interest […]

Forward into Fall

By participating in the Concord Food, Farm and Garden Fair on the second weekend in September, Gaining Ground jump started its fall community activities. On Saturday, September 8, the farm hosted a tent at the Ag Day Farmer’s Market, alongside Concord’s other farms. Board member Jen Flint created a hands-on activity that attracted the attention […]

The Long View

A speech-language pathologist in a school setting, Meghan has been volunteering during the summers for 14 years. I have been volunteering at Gaining Ground since July 2004, a couple of months after I moved here to start graduate school at Emerson College. Many things have changed over the years, including the amount of land farmed, […]